2 Channel Hose Ramp / Cable Protector for 80mm Dia Cables/84mm Hoses with lid

  • Model: 10060030
  • Shipping Weight: 26kg

Quick Overview

Moulded black rubber 2 channel hose ramp / cable protector with hinged solid yellow plastic lid. The ramps are deployed first and the cables placed inside once the ramps are in place. These ramps can accommodate up to 80mm diameter hard cables/pipes or 84mm soft hoses and are ideal for concert venues, exhibitions and outdoor events where large diameter cables are often found. This product has been tested to withstand the maximum vehicle weight permitted on UK and EU roads. 

Weight: 26 kg

Max load: 12 Tonnes per vehicle axle.

Channels: 84mm width (base), 92mm width (top), 80mm height

Dimensions: 900 x 615 x 100 mm

Note - These ramps are temporary deployment and not for permanent fitting.