Pedestrian Hose Ramp for Large Diameter Hoses

  • Model: 10060028
  • Shipping Weight: 71kg

Quick Overview

This fantastic new pedestrian hose ramp has been specifically designed for tankering applications. The hose ramp could also be used to aid pedestrian movement during fuel drop offs. The central bridge section is produced from extruded aluminium and will take a 200mm max diameter hose (this allows for some expansion of 6inch slurry and waste hoses). The yellow ramps are produced from bright yellow GRP to provide a robust, lightweight and highly visible solution. The closed bridge section allows for positive positioning of the main hose and there is some room left for some smaller diameter jetting hoses too. The design brief was to create a product that could be deployed by one man quickly and be split into separate pieces for storage on road going tankers. The ramp comes in 3 separate sections and each piece weighs less than 15.0Kg which keeps each component within manual handling limits. The central aluminium bridge section weighs 9.5Kg and the GRP ramps each weigh approximately 13.0Kg so in total the whole assembly is less than 35.0Kg. The width, once assembled is 1000mm and the overall total length is 1850mm. The ramp can be quickly assembled each time the hoses or cables are deployed.

Aluminium Tunnel: 225 wide x 200mm high

Max Load: 200 kg

Max Hose/Cable diameter: 200mm

Dimensions: 2080 x 995 x 235 mm

Actual weight - 36kg

This item is shipped on a pallet due to its size (Weight for shipping purposes - 71kg)