Ramp Section Extra long - Modular Hose Ramp / Cable Ramp

  • Model: 10060034
  • Shipping Weight: 42kg

Quick Overview

The 10060034 Hose and Cable Ramp is the rubber wedge section for the modular ramp system designed to take larger diameter hose from 140mm up to a maximum of 180mm in diameter depending upon which steel bridge section is used. This particular part takes the vehicle up 155mm above the ground. Used with other rubber elements of this system it is possible to make a ramp over 3750mm long which enables most cars to traverse the ramp without "beaching". The design allows for the front wheel to still be up in the rubber blocks when the rear wheel starts up the leading edge of the ramp. This part is similar to the 10060008 but has a 1200mm length for a more gentle incline.